miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016

Artificial Gravity machine experiment.

This experiment shows that the lenz effect is a vector that exerts a force in a certain direction and which can be used to exert a force of continuous mode on a magnet or an astronaut who uses a magnetic suit. The machine consists of a cabin that is positioned in the middle of the journey of a reel or strip endless aluminum (or other metal)  in such a way that the reel (or strip or other similar mechanism) when tour in a sense represents only the advance of a magnet inside an aluminum tube in the opposite direction facing resistance to the advance called lenz effect. This action Lenz law is easily verifiable: when a magnet down slowly inside of a copper tube there is a force that opposes its advance. This action is the same if the magnet floats and the tube which elevates.  Magnet and copper  also if the magnet when ascend, faces a force, in such a way that increases their weight.  Of course, if the magnet weighs "p" to raise, We need one force greater than "p". But if the magnet goes up inside a copper tube need a force greater than "p + lenz effect" because  gravity pulling downward to the magnet and the lenz  effect prevents that you raise (which is equivalent to pull it down).

To simulate a situation (space) of microgravity, or "ingravity" use a weight scale. On the scale we have arranged two plastic containers weighing 335 grams in order to isolate the scale oh the magnets.  Magnets weigh 405 grams and to exert a force on them use a few containers of aluminum weighing 1,180 grams. As you can clearly see in the video the aluminum mass exerts a force to "down" on magnets and they increase their weight.

The experiment shows that the lenz effect is a vector of force whose meaning can be manipulated and that it is possible to construct a machine which can intensify (greater mass and speed) the effect on a magnet or an astronaut wearing a magnetic suit in such a way that the astronaut would be "pushed" down. This action exerted continuously mimics the effects of gravity and which also can be tested here on the surface of the planet.

Lima, January 12, 2016
Jorge Egusquiza Loayza

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