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Lenz's law
Lenz's law /ˈlɛnts/ is a common way of understanding how electromagnetic circuits obey Newton's third law and theconservation of energy.[1] Lenz's law is named after Heinrich Lenz, and it says:
If an induced current flows, its direction is always such that it will oppose the change which produced it. (wikipedia).
 to induce a tension or a voltage, or when a tension or a voltage is induced; on a driver (bobbin of copper or of any another material, or of any other disposition or form, where it is a question of inducing the tension or voltage) where an electrical field appears, the induced tension or the voltage is of a such sense that is opposed to the variation of the magnetic flux that induces them.
Field magnetic that moves inside a bobbin or field or environment faces a force opposite to his displacement. 
An astronaut dressed in a magnetic suit inside a room or environment of copper or similar element in characteristics of conductivity or alloy (copper chamber) is a human magnet (magnet man) than will face a force that is opposed to his displacement inside the "chamber". If one of six sides or of all the sides than compose the chamber, one of the sides is the based side, or floor than determines the position of contact of the feet and if this side is an ferromagnétic material that attracts the astronaut at time the isstronaut is subject to an attractive force towards "below" and a force (effect Lenz) forces him to develop a work "to "ascend" or to move inside the chamber and if the magnetic suit (magnetic vinyl or similar material) has major magnetism proportionally when it  moves away from the feet, this is, the magnet is much stronger in them, shoulders and head, in a such way that the attraction towards "below" is similar in both ends and is distributed proportionally along the suit. Then we have a chamber of copper where the magnet man is attracted towards the base and it is difficult to him to displace, which looks like enough the gravity.

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